Trekking tour
"Dombay. Reboot"

7 days in the mountains for nature lovers
The tour is all inclusive!

from 650€

What is Dombay?
Dombay is located on the territory of Russian Federation. It is a protected area in the Caucasus mountains, with heavenly places untouched by people. Dombay's nature is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are a lot of incredible mountains, lakes, rivers, canyons, forests and waterfalls. Dombay is located in the south of Russia.
About tour
Period of the event
April - October
Start of the tour
Airport in Mineralnye Vody
7 days/6 nights
Age of participants
from 7 years old
End of the tour
Airport in Mineralnye Vody
Quantity of people
up to 18 people

The route of the tour

Mineralnye Vody - Shoanin Temple - Devil's Mill Canyon - Juchur Waterfalls - Baduk Lakes - Alibek Waterfall - Moussa Achitara Peak
In 7 days we will visit
Fall in love with Dombay in 1 minute
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Tour dates
11.05 - 17.05
18.05 - 24.05
25.05 - 31.05

01.06 - 07.06
09.06 - 15.06
16.06 - 22.06
24.06 - 30.06

01.07 - 07.07
08.07 - 14.07
16.07 - 22.07
24.07 - 30.07
02.08 - 08.08
09.08 - 15.08
17.08 - 23.08
25.08 - 31.08

Tour program

1 Day
Meeting at the Mineralnye Vody airport until 01:00pm
Transfer to Dombay, arrival at 06:00 pm.
On the way, we will visit:
- Shoanin temple of the 10th century, built by Byzantine architects for the Alans.
- The purest river in Russia "Murudzhu", the water in it is crystal clear and very useful for the body.
Dinner at 07:00 pm, meeting with the team.
Free time and rest.

2 Day
Breakfast at 09:00 am.
Hike to the Devil's Mill Canyon
- The length of the route is 4 km
- Route time 3 hours
Lunch on the route.
After the hike, we will have a Caucasian dinner cooked by the organizers.
Local beverages and products: cheeses, greens, vegetables, lemonades.
Open-air dining with mountain views.
After dinner, walk around Dombay.

3 Day
Breakfast at 09:00 am.
Hike to the Juchur waterfalls.
The route passes through a beautiful gorge with huge mountains above 3000 m and relict forests, with views of perennial glaciers.
- Length of 9 km
- Route time 6 hours
- Waterfall height up to 15 m
Lunch at the waterfalls.
Arrival at the hotel at 05:00 pm.
Dinner at 06:30 pm.
After dinner, free time.

4 Day
Hike to the Baduk lakes.
3 mountain lakes with crystal clear water at an altitude of 1700 m.
- Length of 11 km
- Passage time of 7 hours
A paradise of our planet, 90% of our tourists consider this place the most beautiful of all that they have seen.
Lunch on the lakes.
Arrival at the hotel 05:30 pm.
At 06:30 pm dinner, then free time.

5 Day
Breakfast at 09:00 am.
Hike to Alibek waterfall.
The waterfall is at an altitude of 2500 m, and on top of it is the perennial Alibek glacier.
The main part of the route will pass through the coniferous forest, which is more than 800 years old.
Length of 12 km
The passage time is 7 hours.
Lunch at the waterfall.
Arrival at the hotel at 05:30 pm.
Dinner at 06:30 pm with aromatic tea made from mountain herbs, which will relax the body after a hike.

6 Day
Breakfast at 09:00 am.
Moussa Achitara Peak Hike,
Ascent to a height of 3012 m.
This is the most difficult route, so part of the way we will climb on the cable car.
At the top, you can see the entire Caucasus Range, Mount Elbrus and Kazbek.
When the sky is clear, you can see the Black Sea
Lunch at the top.
Arrival at the hotel at 04:30 pm.
Dinner at 06:30 pm, then free time.

7 Day
Breakfast at 09:00 am.
Check-out from hotel rooms.
Departure from the hotel at 12:00 am .
On the way, we will stop for a swim on a mountain lake with clear water.
Arrival at the airport and at the Mineralnye Vody railway station at 05:30 pm.

Hotel options
Stay in one of the two hotels
Each hotel has its own:

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a TV and a shower
Free Wi-Fi
Places for barbecues
Hotel 2**
Hotel 3***
Caucasian dinner with shish kebabs
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Tour dates
11.05 - 17.05
18.05 - 24.05
25.05 - 31.05

01.06 - 07.06
09.06 - 15.06
16.06 - 22.06
24.06 - 30.06

01.07 - 07.07
08.07 - 14.07
16.07 - 22.07
24.07 - 30.07
02.08 - 08.08
09.08 - 15.08
17.08 - 23.08
25.08 - 31.08
Included in the price of the tour
Hotel accommodation
Transfer within the tour
Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner
Caucasian Cuisine Guide

Environmental charges
Medical insurance
Registration of passes
Photos and videos for everyone

Additional charges apply for air and railway tickets to Mineralnye Vody
Tour price
Per person for double occupancy
Payment upon arrival

Hotel 2**
800 €
650 €
150 € discount until April 30
Extra charge for single occupancy 80 €

Hotel 3***
900 €
730 €
150 € discount until April 30
Extra charge for single occupancy 100 €

Payment procedure
Fill out an application or write to WhatsApp
Get a reservation and make an advance payment of 50 €
The remaining amount is paid
upon arrival

Bagiryan David
Founder and Guide of the Author's Tour
Instagram @david_bagiryan_
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Won't it be difficult for me on a walking tour?
Hiking tours are designed for physically prepared people, but no special skills are required. The routes are planned so that the load increases gradually.
How much does a plane ticket cost?
A plane ticket to Mineralnye Vody via Moscow costs from 120€, depending on the city from which you fly
What kind of transport will we use?
We will travel by a comfortable Mercedes Sprinter bus or a Volkswagen Caravelle minivan. Drivers undergo a medical check-up before each flight.
Can I take my children with me?
You can take children from 8 years old on the tour
Are there any discounts for children and groups?
For children under 12 years of age with an additional - up to 10%
Discounts for large groups-up to 10%
Is the insurance included?
The tour price includes medical insurance "Zetta Insurance" with coverage of 10 thousand dollars.
I'm going alone. Can I book a room with a check-in?
The hotels have double and triple rooms. You can buy the whole room or join someone else if there is someone else among our tourists who wants to book a room with a shared room.
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The tour organizers reserve the right to make changes to the tour program without reducing the total volume and quality of services.